Ursula Awards 2013

The 3rd Annual Ursula Film Festival 2014:




 Ursula Awards Film Festival.

Thank you to all who supported our signature fundraiser held on September 20, 2014.

The Ursula Awards Film Festival is an annual showcase of national filmmakers. It is hosted by Vallejo Community Access Television (VCAT) to honor independent filmmakers and community access television producers. The Ursula Film Festival presents an engaging and entertaining mix of film making styles and talents from around the nation. It offers an opportunity for national filmmakers and local producers and students to showcase their diverse mix of films, community productions and multimedia projects.
VOTING INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUR 3RD URSULA AWARDS FILM FESTIVAL:Vote for your favorite video. Watch for each video submission to play on VCAT, Comcast channel 27 and AT&T channel 99. Each video will have a number assigned to it at the top left corner as it airs. You will vote by e-mailing that number. Please, one vote per category. E-mail your vote to

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