VCAT Membership

As a member of VCAT you can learn to produce your own programs in the studio or out in the community! VCAT membership is open to all those who live or work in Vallejo, organizations that serve Vallejo, such as clubs, groups, non-profit organizations, businesses, government institutions, schools, colleges and universities.

What are the steps to becoming a member?

1. Fill out a Membership Form. You will need to show proof of residency. If you are a minor (under 18 years of age) you will need a parent or legal guardian to sign for you.

2. Attend a VCAT Orientation and submit your VCAT Membership Form along with payment. Orientations are typically offered the first Saturday of each month. RSVP’s are not required but always appreciated. At the VCAT Orientation, you will learn more about VCAT, tour the facility and have the opportunity to ask questions.

3. The possibilities are endless! Produce your own Show, Lean to work the Camera’s, Light’s, Control Panel, or sign out equipment to tape community events…its all up to YOU!

How much does VCAT Membership cost? What does Membership include?

Download: VCAT Membership Chart (DOC file)

There are three basic membership categories: Basic, Producer, and Advanced Producer.

Basic Membership (starting at $15 /year) is for anyone who would like to support VCAT, receive email updates and other correspondence such as newsletters and the Annual Report.

Producer Memberships (starting at $25 /year) are for anyone who is interested in producing a program to playout on VCAT Vallejo Cable Channel 27. A Producer Membership includes access to all VCAT Basic Classes and access to limited VCAT equipment. Membership as a Producer is required to use or to receive training for VCAT equipment or facilities. Producers may also serve as sponsors to submit programming from independent producers.

Advanced Producer Memberships (starting at $45 /year) are for anyone who has already completed all of the VCAT Basic Training or who has previous production training. Advance Producers are allowed access to Advanced Training in video production and usage of advanced camera equipment after submission of a specific number of productions for airing on the station, and ongoing completion of required in-studio or VCAT field project volunteer hours.

How long is a VCAT Membership?

VCAT Membership is good for one year beginning the day your membership fee is received. All VCAT memberships expire at the end of the month that the membership began the following year.

Example: If you become a member on February 4th, your membership is good until February 28th the following year.

Entry Level Classes

VCAT provides THREE workshops that teach you how to produce your own local cable TV programs.

The first step in the process is to take the Orientation class.  The second step is the Field Camera class and lastly the Studio Production class.

The classes are the first 3 Saturdays of each month from 1:00 – 2:30.

The month of December will have no classes.

VCAT Brochure

View our VCAT Brochure for the basics about VCAT.