Student Internships

Awesome Student Interns!

VCAT provides part time unpaid internship opportunities for students. Internships can last a semester or a quarter. Part-time internships can range from 6 – 15 hours a week. In some cases internships of 20-40 hours can also be arranged.

Here’s how it works:

1. Call VCAT, Setup an Appointment with the Operations Coordinator. This will be an interview process to access your skills. Together with the Operations Coordinator you will decide what types of activities you’d like to do during your internship.

2. Have a Faculty Sponsor at your school. Once you have an instructor at school to sponsor your internship, you can earn credits for the work you do at VCAT.

3. Fill out an Application, Attend an Orientation and Become a Member. You must bring a current student ID.

4. Plan your Internship with the Operations Coordinator. Internships include activities in the following areas:

  • FIELD PRODUCTION / EDITING: Help shoot and edit field productions. Field productions may include coverage of community events and mini-documentary projects.
  • STUDIO PRODUCTION. After taking our studio classes you can assist on studio shows produced by Community Television. Learn to operate a camera, run the sound board, and operate the character generator. Advanced interns may even get a chance to direct!
  • PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS. Create public service announcements for local non-profits. Shoot, edit, and produce your own short pieces for these non-profits. Public service announcements will air on the Vallejo Community Access Television.
  • OFFICE HELP. Learn about the inner workings of a non-profit organization. Under the supervision of the Program Facilitator you will answer phones, call members, make copies and provide general help to the Operations Coordinator as needed. All internships will include at least some office help duties.